Buying from Qoo10, Ebay, Lazada, Amazon For Skincerity and Nucerity Products

Would You Risk Saving A Couple of Dollars When Applying on Your Face?

Getting the best bang for the buck. It is not just a Singapore phenomenon, but a global one.

With our wages not commensurating with rising costs of goods and services, it is not uncommon to try to source out the best deals for products and services. Skincerity and other Nucerity Products are not immune as well.

Today, you can simply do a google search and you can see plenty of reputable E-shopping sites carry Skincerity.

On the positive note, Skincerity must be working for many people to create a demand for so many E-shops to be placing their products on the online shelf.

However, before you  rush off to get your best deals for Skincerity, read on.


No Guarantee of Authenticity

It may shock you to know that there is ZERO guarantee of authenticity when you purchase from Qoo10 or any other online shop. The only assurance you will get will be from the shop owner himself/ herself who CANNOT guarantee whether the goods they purchase are directly from Nucerity International or from some person who sells them claiming to be legal distributors.

I took the time to interview some Qoo10 sellers who were not selling Nucerity Products (including Skincerity) to ask them how they make their money on Qoo10 platform.

Being online business people, their concern is basically trading. Buying cheap and selling at a profit. Ideally, they would only purchase stuff that are really cheap and products that people want. Preferably items that are less than 10 dollars or less and move by quantity. I asked them in a tongue in cheek way, would they sell Skincerity or any of our Nucerity Products. Most of them said No, unless ALL of the following pre-requisites are met:

a. they could get a supplier/s who can sell it to them at 40 SGD or less
b. check the qoo10 volume reports in their search for Skincerity product that is moving in a healthy enough volume
c. Profit margin of at least close to 30 – 35 SGD after Qoo10’s takes their cut and shipping costs are met

legal distributor

Alarm Bells Ringing

It started baffling me when I heard not one, but several Online Business sellers giving me similar feedback.

If that were true, then perhaps I should go one step further to pose as a buyer and find out from existing Qoo10 sellers who sell Skincerity online. So I made contact with one of the sellers on Qoo10.

It only made perfect sense for me to find out, because the day I made the decision to do the business, and to help others succeed in this home business, I would not want anything that is against the company or distributor’s interests, to get in the way of an individual seeking a better life. After all, why would anyone want to join this business if their customers can just go to Qoo10 or any other online platform to purchase for much less.


I asked the seller why her skincerity products are so cheap (Less than 80 bucks is cheap cos the cost for the cheapest Skincerity even for distributors buying at bulk is at 80 SGD).

She told me that she does not know. She herself buys it from another supplier from various online platforms eg from Indonesia, Malaysia and China) and they are marketing it at 30- 40 SGD and she still can make a comfortable profit when she sells it on Qoo10, even after the Qoo10 cut and shipping costs. 

Fake Genuine skincerity

I WAS STUNNED…. People are buying Skincerity from her E-Store on Qoo10 which she bought for less than 40 bucks!

Who in their right frame of mind would sell goods at half the price! Would you?

But You would buy products from Qoo10 where they cannot provide you a distributor number or name and just take their word for authenticity. 

skincerity goods

Storage Facilities

For Online platform sellers, they do not just sell Skincerity, they sell several other items as well. No doubt they are also having vested interest to keep Skincerity and all their stocks at their best state, but we do not know whether the place they got their stocks from kept them in the right state as well. And you are applying it on your face! I really have great admiration for the gutsy blind faith customers place in their suppliers.

When Legal Distributors buy stock to sell, we treat the products like gems and maintain them to the best of our ability in the hope that users may potentially join us to be Distributors one day.

Unlike some MLM companies, we do not force or pressure buyers to join us as distributors, the company keeps us happy being Legal distributors by paying us when goods are sold, through a point system. (You can call me at +65 9168 0228 or fill out the contact form if you are interested to find out more).

Counterfeit Products

We have a saying, “Low Crime does not mean No Crime”. Just because Skincerity is placed on reputable online platforms such as Qoo10, Amazon, Lazada, Ebay and others, does not mean that they are genuine.

ANYONE can be a seller on those platforms. If you do not believe me, go try signing up to be one. It is not difficult at all. As much as the onus is on us to prove that their products are fake, the question remains as to why is there a need to take such an unnecessary risk!

real skincerity

Myth: Legal Distributors are Expensive

Perhaps in the past, that could be true. Back then distributors, including myself, were selling Skincerity from 100 – 120 SGD. I heard some even sold it at 169 SGD.

But now, the market rate for GENUINE, AUTHENTIC Skincerity from Legal Distributors are going at 80 – 100 SGD at most.

Leaders strongly encourage our distributors to forgo the retail profit, to benefit others who may have skin issues to try it at a more affordable cost – the cost that Distributors buy at (which ranges from 80 SGD in bulk or 100 SGD in pairs), and allow the company Nucerity International to compensate Distributors for selling at cost through the compensation plan.

we need you

Why I would not buy from Qoo10 or any other online E-Shop platform that is not sold by Legal Distributors

  1. Legal Distributors carry the “Seal of Guarantee of Authenticity” and are NOT ALLOWED to sell products on E-Shops such as Amazon, Qoo10 and the like. I do not get anything more than a verbal or written assurance from the seller (Incidentally, Qoo10 or any online sales portal has limited liability for your purchase, and in some instances, zero liability)
  2. Customers who purchase from Legal Distributors are guaranteed authenticity by Nucerity International.
  3. Based on the costs that is very transparent to all, It does not make sense for anyone to sell products at a loss on a CONSTANT basis. These E-shops have been selling Skincerity for the longest time.
  4. The Purchase prices of Genuine Skincerity and other products from Legal Distributors have now dropped to 80 – 100 SGD (I am sure if your friend is a distributor, you can talk to him/ her about buying it at this price). If not, you can buy it from this E-Shop. You may verify my Distributor ID with the company – 192126.
  5. You are applying Skincerity on my face. The product contains Acetone. And any alteration to the formula may cause serious side effects. Why take the risk?
  6. Support Legal Distributors. If your friend is a legal distributor doing this as a form of a business, why buy from Qoo10 sellers whom you have ZERO relationship with apart from buying stuff from them? Shouldn’t we be supporting our friend instead?


Serializing of Skincerity Bottles

From my knowledge, Nucerity International Management and Compliance are now in the midst of serializing the bottles to protect distributors from counterfeit Skincerity, and also to eradicate Errant Distributors who are clearly aware of the policies and procedures of the company and still knowingly breaking the rules.

This is a welcome move as it will also protect innocent parties who unknowingly purchase bottles of products which may not even be from Errant Distributors, and suffer as a result of possible counterfeit products which may not get you the desired results you want, suffer from side effects, and may very well not even be worth the 70 dollars you are paying for from reputable sites such as Qoo10 and the like.


I strongly encourage each and everyone of you who are customers wanting to improve your skin issues, to only buy from Legal Distributors while the company is in the process of serializing the bottles.

Wishing you all the very best in your quest for perfect skin.

Ray Chua
Legal Independent Distributor and Ruby Leader
Nucerity International

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I have nothing against platforms such as Qoo10, Amazon, Ebay, Lazada or any other online portals.

From the standpoint of a Legal Distributor and Leader in Nucerity International, helping people who want to generate a side income or even a full time income as a Network Marketer for single mums, the struggling Singaporean trying to make ends meet, or simply someone who wants a better life for themselves, I strongly disapprove of unethical practices in the market place.