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In case you did not know, I am a legal and happy distributor for Skincerity and all other Nucerity Products.

Unlike other MLM or Network Marketing companies, Nucerity International offers a unique product and experience for both distributors and users. It is certainly not about buying products in bulk to resell to people.

I am a leader in SIngapore and would love to meet to share what this beautiful stay at home business that anyone is able to do.

Should you decide to take a look at the opportunity, please let me know when I call.

If you would just like to be a user, please let me know as well. I fully respect your decision and would love to help you get that bottle of genuine Skincerity and other Nucerity products.

God Bless,

Raymond Chua
Legal Distributor of Nucerity International
Distributor Number: 192126