Unwanted Scars Anyone?

A growing collection of scar lightening testimonials of Skincerity customers

Skincerity and other Nucerity Products have been helping to improve skin imperfections. I hear of new testimonials daily. It encourages me to get our product into the hands of people wanting to change the outlook of their skin, whatever the condition. Only buy from Legal Distributors for Genuine Skincerity and Best Results.

Ray Chua

Legal Distributor Creating Beautiful Lives One at a Time, Nucerity International


Shout out to my gorgeous cousin Alice for letting me show the transformation Skincerity has produced on the post op scars of knee surgery.

Top photo was taken 7th April (approx. 3 months after the operation) before she received the products. Bottom photo was taken 24th April after 1 week of using Skincerity at night and Body Silk throughout the day.

I’ve seen so many photos of the impressive results people are getting with Skincerity and it still amazes me every time. This is a purely cosmetic product! To say Alice is ecstatic is an understatement!

Valerie Cutter


For my beautiful friend Fiona Mills who put me onto this product, I had a carpel tunnel release in December, and started rolling just over two months ago,

I get horrendous keloid scarring so I was pretty sceptical at first but my scarring has reduced so much , loving it!

‎Rochelle Lemay‎ 


Notice how the tummy has tightened with the hydration of Skincerity. I’d also suggest use Peptide Plus Moisturiser under the Skincerity enhance the results with the extra Collagen that the Peptides Enhance.

Credit: Mark Greer


The earlier the mask is applied the faster is works . Wait until the sutures (stitches) are removed then roll roll roll

Credits: Pam Harris


Having suffered acne scarring and congestion under her skin within a month of rolling you can see the scarring has faded and also the redness has reduced.

Credits: Nikki Cozza


Please note that Nucerity Products are not Cures. Results may vary from individual to individual.