It is not uncommon to receive calls from guys, especially with regards to acne problems. With all due respect to dermatologists, many have consulted skin specialists. After multiple sessions, medications and invasive treatments, some still end up disappointed.

Tom (not his real name), was one of them. At the age of 17, he began having acne issues. He remembers the days when he had silky smooth skin. Don’t we all? But he started having an outbreak, and even many months, and spending loads of money on getting his skin treated, he has not gotten to see improvement.

After one year of trying, he found me on +65 9168 0228 and requested to buy a bottle. I asked if he had tried it before, cause he was very sure he wanted it. Most people would have enquiries on what this was about, its ingredients, etc. But He was so darn sure he wanted it and asked me for a couple of bottles.

Apparently, he heard about his friend’s “miraculous” recovery after using skincerity to help his acne face get better, and after several months when Tom saw him again, his face was clear and acne marks gradually disappeared as well.

Staying in the east, I travelled to the west to hand him a bottle of skincerity. He wanted two bottles, but being conservative, I told him to take one. And if he sees improvement, to come back to me again and I will pass him a second bottle. He called me again in a couple of days, asking me for several more bottles of skincerity.

I encouraged him to join as a member (only 40 sgd) and he can buy directly from Nucerity International and have it delivered to his doorstep. He declined, saying that his parents wont like it as it is MLM or network marketing and he is not keen to do the business. I tried to explain more to him, but like many others who are equally skeptical about network marketing, he refused to listen and just wanted the product.

This went on for several months, as he consciously used bottle after bottle and after 6-7 months, he took this photo and showed to me. I saw the vast improvements and was very happy for him. I’m not a doctor and I felt so blessed that this product Skincerity was made available to me without prescription for me to share with people at the cost that I bought it at. (I never sell it for a profit).IMG_0626

The whole point of this business is to sign people to be loyal customers to Nucerity International. And if they find it good, they too, refer others into the system by signing them up too. That’s the business! Not rocket science at all.

Some need help to share about the product and its benefits and even the compensation plan when they refer others. And I do my best to help them explain. But frankly, it is not a complicated business to understand. A member who joins, shares skincerity or any of our products with people that may need it for whatever skin issues they may have. Most of the time, skincerity is simply used for looking younger, lifting saggy skin on the face, lightening scars and more. As far as I know, even supermodels dont have perfect skin and there are things they would like to improve.

Share it with them, let them try it, and if they see improvements (most do), help them to get signed up and be a member. Being a member presents them with an opportunity to be both consumers (buy whenever they feel like in their own online shopping portal), or be a distributor (buy more at a good discount) to share with others.

The aim of the business is simply to gather a pool of customers who love Nucerity International products, and with their “reward” system, points get converted to cash, and you get paid weekly in your local bank account.  The power of this business is not about getting all these customers yourself. It probably is tough getting these customers on your own because as much as you are able to convince your friend to try skincerity, you may not be a natural sales person who can convince an entire village of people to be your customers.

This is where the power of leverage comes in. Everyone may not be a sales person. But if the product is as good as it claims, it will not take alot for people to share about its goodness. Check out the video below to know what I mean by how big this could be for you. This product is developed under National Institute of Health USA governement funding of more than 5 million usd and fortunately for us, the patent rights was bought over by our founders of Nucerity International and it is now sold through thousands of people without a prescription through word of mouth!

I remember a friend told me she saw it being sold at a dermatologist clinic for 169 SGD, and even showed me the brochure. That was 3 years ago when skincerity was relatively new in Singapore. Now you can buy it off any distributor friend that you know! On average, people sell it for $100 SGD, the price that we pay for when we buy directly from the company. There are some who sell it for more, but I would be weary of people selling it for less. After all, any one can claim authenticity, but I personally wouldnt take a risk with my face.

If you stumbled upon this post and would like to try the product, I am able to make it available to your doorstep if you are in any of this countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Equador
  4. Hongkong
  5. Indonesia
  6. Ireland
  7. Japan
  8. Malaysia
  9. Mexico
  10. Philippines
  11. Singapore
  12. South Korea
  13. Taiwan
  14. Thailand
  15. United Kingdom
  16. United States

For Singapore, I will personally deliver it when you purchase any of our products. For other countries, I will have to have the company courier it to you directly.

What is Skincerity and what’s the Big deal about it?

If you have a friend who is distributing the product, I highly encourage you to get it from him/ her. If you do not have anyone to get it from, please feel free to drop me a line at +65 9168 0228, or fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly. 

For those who wish to know more about how this home business is run, please fill out the form too. I will make an appointment to meet up with you to share this wonderful opportunity with you, under no obligations.

And in case you are wondering, “Tom” is now a happy user and distributor with Nucerity International in my team, upholding the motto of the company to “Create Beautiful Lives”,

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