before and after body silkAs I got older my hair became very dry & brittle.
It would break off at my roots or as you can see in pic at about ear length.
I tried every product on the market. Spent hundreds of dollars every single month.
Nothing worked until Nucerity product, Body Silk.
Life changing for me!

Brenda Mulder

body silk 1

Applied Body Silk daily on clean damp hair for 3 months. Super Hydrated, healthy & Silky Smooth Hair.


I absolutely LOVE it for many Applications.  Being a red head means dry hair for me,  dry sensitive skin too. NO more dryness anywhere, since I discovered body silk.

I use body silk to remove my eye make up too! I put a few drops in my finger and gently lay it on my lid. I use a soft cotton pad and drag the body silk down towards my lashes, holding that position to the count of 10 then gently wiping outward and up. 90% of my mascara, liner & Due shadow are removed. Repeat gently until clean!

Mary Bullard